Current Initiatives

 GOTA is striving to make a both a state and global impact, with a focus on serving, educational opportunities, and expanding our practice area.

 We are excited to be working towards some forward thinking, giving back, and expanding initiatives- but we need your help! Please consider assisting us in one of the below initiatives to help GOTA continue to make a difference in and out of our profession, both near and far in the world! 


State Reciprocity

GOTA has reciprocity with Alabaman, Tennessee, and Louisiana! This means as a GOTA member, you can have access to their courses, conferences, etc at member rates! Don't miss opportunities to learn, explore, and educate with our  partner states!

Be sure to stay informed through the GOTA emails, FB postings, and newsletters to learn about the next events with our state partners!

International Initiative

GOTA is working towards an international membership for countries in need for educational opportunities, mentoring, and resources. The first country GOTA is looking at partnering with is Ukraine. Within this initiative, Ukraine Ergotherapists (Occupational Therapy practitioners in their country), will be able to attend our annual conference, workshops, other CE events, as well as have access to resources, such as Legislative Day and how they could bring this to their country! We are also considering a “buddy” partnership in which a therapy practitioner here could be partnered with a therapy practitioner there to open dialogue, conversation, and learning from each other. In interested in working towards developing this initiative currently, please contact Stephanie Johnson, GOTA president directly at [email protected]


Dry Needling

Unfortunately the DN House Bill (HB 809) was one of many bills that was involved in a backlog and thus died on the Senate floor. Stay tuned as GOTA determines next steps for 2025.

New Courses 

Visit back for more details. If you have a course idea or are interesting in assisting in planning courses, Please contact i[email protected]

Collaboration with APTA

Visit back for more details. If you are interested in this initiative, Please contact [email protected].


Want to be more involved with GOTA but not sure were to start? Contact [email protected].  We have many projects and are always looking for volunteers!