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GOTA Guidelines for Posting of Research Studies 

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Due to the increased number of requests for GOTA to post research studies for members to learn about, the GOTA Research Committee developed guidelines for the request and review process. Please read the following requirements, and complete the form on the next page to submit a research study posting request. 

Decisions: GOTA will reserve the right to decide whether a research study may be posted. All requests for posting a research study must comply with the following requirements. Documentation required must be submitted via the digital form. Requests will be reviewed within 1 month from date of submission.

Required Documentation

1. Documentation of IRB Review

This includes documentation of a non-human subjects determination, exemption, expedited or full board review. All requests must be accompanied by documentation of IRB review. The documentation must be on IRB/Institution letterhead, include the name of the IRB and point of contact with the IRB, date of approval and expiration date, and the title of the research study. The name of the Principal Investigator must be listed as either the primary contact or an additional collaborator.

2. Recruitment Materials
  • a. For an Expedited or Full-Board study: For studies with expedited or full board review, a recruitment letter or flyer must be provided to illustrate what the IRB has approved. Specific language used in the GOTA posting must match that of the IRB approved language. Any deviation in that language must be reviewed by the IRB and appropriate documentation provided to GOTA. 

  • b. For Exempted Anonymous Data Collection studies: For studies requesting anonymous data collection, the researcher must provide a letter on letterhead indicating that they agree to not collect identifiers such as IP addresses, or login attempts from online participants. 

3. Fees for Posting
After reviewing other OT state organizations fees for research posting, the GOTA Research Committee sought to balance affordability with the need to support GOTA administrative time in making posts. The fees described below are less than other state organizations and we consider reasonable for the time needed to make the post. 
  • GOTA Members (both student and full): Are able to request a single research posting to the GOTA Facebook page or webpage free of charge for the first request in a calendar year. Subsequent requests in the calendar year will be charged a fee of $20 per request. Requests for the same study from different members will be considered one-request. To receive your free posting, please email [email protected] for a special discount code. 

  • Non-GOTA members will be required to pay GOTA $20 per research post request for a single post to the GOTA Facebook page. 

4. Student Projects. Students are allowed to submit requests, but are subject to the same fee structure. All student projects require an accompanying mentor or faculty signature and course name/number (if applicable).


Current Research 

The University of Scranton 

My name is Jennifer Whittaker, I am a faculty member at The University of Scranton mentoring MSOT students conducting IRB-approved research to a) identify practicing occupational therapists' self-reported level of knowledge about population health concepts and b) identify practicing occupational therapists' self-reported level of confidence using population health concepts. All U.S. practicing occupational therapists are invited to participate by completing a short anonymous survey. No experience working with populations is required. You will have the option to enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Link to survey: 


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