Membership FAQs 


When does my membership expire?

Membership is valid beginning the day you join and will expire 365 days after that date.

What are some member benefits?

GOTA members enjoy a variety of unique benefits including access to the online listserv, access to the member’s only directory, discounts on continuing education courses, and many more!

I am already a member of AOTA, why should I join GOTA too?

You can help control the future of OT by supporting the OT associations at both the national and state levels. By being a member of both you are investing in the organizations that keep our profession strong!

What happened to the old districts?

When the new 2007 GOTA By-Laws were put into place, the old 9 districts were disseminated and replaced with 5 newly appointed regions and new regional reps. Please see the Regions page for more information.
How do I know which region I am in? See our region map to determine which region you would like to be affiliated with when filling out your application for membership.

There is a committee I am interested in joining, how do I get involved?

Contact the chair or co-chair of the committee you are interested in joining to get more information. A full list of GOTA committees can be found here. Our committees are always looking for new volunteers!

How will I know when my region is having a meeting?

You can either look at the calendar of events here or you can personally contact your region chair for more information regarding upcoming region meetings. Visit your region’s web page often for updates and reminders from your local rep.

Do I have to be a GOTA member to post a job opening?

No, this is a valuable service that GOTA offers and members or any company that currently has an available OT position may post an ad in our job bank.

How can I post a job opening for my company?

Please visit our website here for instructions on posting a position in our job bank.

How can I update my personal information with GOTA?

If you have recently had a change in your name, address, or phone number please be sure to immediately notify GOTA, AOTA, and NBCOT. To change this information with GOTA simply contact our Executive Office at 470-208-3030.

How often is the newsletter published?

GOTA has moved from publishing a quarterly paper newsletter to a quarterly e-newsletter sent out via email.
This new format will still be full of recent news from around the state and reports from various committees.

I do not want to receive the newsletter via mail; can I view it online instead?

In an effort to conduct more business electronically, all GOTA newsletters are sent via email now, which includes links back to the full articles on the GOTA website. You can still view past issues of our paper newsletter online here in the member’s only section.

How can I submit information to be included in the next newsletter?

You can contact the chair of the Communications Committee or the GOTA Executive Office about submitting articles for the e-newsletter or use the online submission contact form here. We always welcome submissions!

I am having trouble getting into the member’s only section, what’s wrong?

You must be a member to access this section of the GOTA website. Please enter your user name and password to proceed. If you continue to have difficulty you may click here to have your password sent to you or contact our Executive Office at [email protected]

I forgot/lost my login name and/or password, how can I get this information?

Please contact our Executive Office at [email protected]

How can I find out about upcoming continuing education courses?

Visit the GOTA website frequently for news and information about upcoming continuing education opportunities. Our continuing education committee is constantly working hard to offer members opportunities to earn continuing education credits. Check the calendar of events on the website and contact your region chair about local courses.

Does GOTA give out any type of recognition awards?

Yes! GOTA is proud to say that we do give out awards annually to recognize the outstanding services of our fellow colleagues and students. Don’t wait until the last minute – feel free to submit nominations anytime to our Nominations Committee when you feel someone deserves to be acknowledged!

How can I get signed up to be a part of the online listserv?

Please visit the listserv page here to find out how to join our online listserv. It’s easy and only takes a minute to join!

I need to find a colleague’s address and phone number, where do I go?

If you and the person you are looking for are members of GOTA then you can do a simple search to obtain his or her contact information here through our member directory in the member’s only section. Please remember this information is not for solicitation purposes.

Does GOTA print a hard copy of the member directory anymore?

At this time GOTA only offers the member directory in an electronic format. We no longer print a paper version of our member directory because our membership is constantly revolving. By offering it online we can be sure to have the most up-to-date information for you when you need it. Even though we no longer send out a paper version of the directory, you can now download a current version of the directory and print it at your home or office.

Do I have to be a member to be included in the OT Locator search database?

Yes, this is a free, valuable benefit only available to members. To sign up to be listed in the database, please fill out the online form in the member’s only section of the website.

Do I have to be a GOTA member to use the online OT Locator?

No! This is a free service we now offer to other professionals and the community as a helpful referral source.

How can I find a therapist in my area that provides OT services?

Go to the OT Locator (under the Professional Info section) to begin your search today! It’s easy and it’s free!

I am interested in volunteering with GOTA--how do I get started or who do I contact?

Please click here to find out what organizational volunteer opportunities are available (including what specific duties/tasks needing to be fulfilled and an estimated time commitment required from those willing to help). You can also let us know that you're out there and willing to help when something comes up that fits your interest and time availability!