Annual Conference

 2023 Annual Conference

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 GOTA Annual Conference

October 27-29th, 2023

Epworth by the Sea

St. Simons Island, Georgia


We have developed a conference schedule that includes a balance of sessions in a range of practice areas. We are focusing on our profession's foundational tenets, current and future occupational therapy practice, as well as sessions with hands on learning. We  are seeking a conference schedule  that encompasses the holistic nature of our profession, including mental health and psychosocial elements. Join us this year for the 2023 Annual GOTA conference to educate, rejuvenate, and motivate!  

We can not wait to see you there! 

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Lou Figueroa


Growing up in Southern California before moving to Colorado with his family in 1991, Lou Figueroa was an avid snowboarder and mountain biker who enjoyed the great outdoors.

At the age of twenty-seven years old, while out with a group of friends in the downtown district of Denver, Lou encountered a beverage laced with an unknown substance, experiencing a rapid onset of intoxication. In a daze, lost and disoriented, he walked nearly two miles before stumbling into the Union Station rail yard. In the early hours of the morning, a train was approaching when they saw Lou’s body at the last minute. The conductor and the engineer on board believe Lou had been struck fifteen minutes prior to their arrival. The result would be the loss of both legs.

After surviving a week-long coma gripping to life, Lou awoke in the hospital on life support and feeding tubes to the realization his life would never be the same. Since his amputations, Lou has traveled across the globe sharing messages of hope and inspiration to hundreds of audiences including medical associations, colleges, and universities.

His passion is taking business professionals through the journey of change and transformation. Lou speaks on topics relating to limb loss, pain management, substance abuse, and wellness following traumatic injury.

Today, Lou lives in Santa Barbara, California where he advocates for drink safety and alcohol awareness.



 Call for Papers 


We need YOU to submit a presentation proposal and to encourage your colleagues as well!  We are seeking proposals that relate to any areas of interest to occupational therapy practitioners, including practice, education and/or research.  Presentations that provide the audience with knowledge that can be used for improved service delivery are highly encouraged. 

Submissions Template

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Conference Schedule 

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Closed September 22th, 2023


 Food and Lodging 


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Exhibitor & Sponsorship: 


This conference is a vehicle to assist GOTA and its members in addressing and achieving its strategic goals. As a sponsor, your participation in this event will allow approximately 150 OTs, OTAs and students to learn about services your company provides and improve the lives of patients throughout the state of Georgia. Click the link below for information on sponsorship opportunities. Thank you for your consideration as we could not do this without you!


Sponsorship Opportunities


Student Volunteer Opportunities 

All vonunteer positions are closed. Please email [email protected] to be placed on a wait list. 

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