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*GOTA Workshop: Therapeutic Modalities (Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Diathermy and LASER): Improving Clinical Outcomes
Saturday, July 28, 2018, 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM EDT
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Therapeutic Modalities (Electrotherapy, Ultrasound,  Diathermy and LASER): 
Improving Clinical Outcomes


JULY 28TH, 2018

Join GOTA as we host a workshop on Therapeutic Modalities, taught by Rick Proctor, EdD. Through this course you will create a 
knowledge base of electrotherapy, ultrasound, diathermy and LASER in order to create an understanding of how they affect human 
physiology. It is this practical knowledge that will assist you as a clinician in protocol development and treatment delivery to create 
better patient outcomes. 


Course Location: 3139 Campus Dr #300, Norcross, GA 30071

 Intended audience: OT, OTA, PT, PTA,

 Format: Onsite 

 Instructional level: Beginner 

 Prerequisites: None 

 Contact Hours: 6.0 

Register by July 13th to reserve your seat. No refunds will be issued after July 13th.

Course Registration Fee:
GOTA members:
OTs: $95
OTAs: $75
Non-GOTA members:
OTs: $120
OTAs: $100
PTs: $120
PTAs: $100


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Course Agenda:

7:30am- 8:00am

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Basics in Electrotherapy: Amplitude, Frequency, Phase Duration, Contraindications 


Treating Pain: Protocols and Lab. 

10:15am- 11:15am

Muscle Strengthening/Re-Education: Protocols and Lab.


Edema, Spasm, Increase Circulation: Protocols and Lab.


Lunch (boxed lunch, or bring your own lunch)


Introduction; Physiological Effects of Diathermy; Inductive and Capacitive Diathermy; Indications/Contraindications


Diathermy Lab. and Application Techniques 


Physical & Biological Properties of Light; Physiological & Biochemical Effects of Light; Indications/Contraindications of Light; Application Techniques 


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe characteristics of various electrotherapy waveforms and list the practical uses of those waveforms
  • Describe protocol development to match individual patient condition
  • Discuss recommended electrode placement and proper electrode care
  • List indications, precautions, warnings, and contraindications of electrotherapy
  • Compares and Contrasts the uses of Ultrasound and Diathermy
  • Describe the effects of Capacitive and Inductive Diathermy
  • List indications and contraindications to the use of Ultrasound and Diathermy
  • Describe common Ultrasound and Diathermy protocols for specific conditions
  • Demonstrate the safe application techniques of Ultrasound and Diathermy
  • Describe the uses and application of therapeutic LASER.
  • Describe “Photobiostimulation” effects of LASER.
  • List indications and contraindications to the use of therapeutic LASER.
  • Describe common LASER protocols for specific conditions.
  • Demonstrate the safe application techniques of LASER.